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  • Apr 01 2013
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Dashcam Accidents Dashcam Accidents

Worst Case of Road Rage Ever Caught on Video?

Wow, what a psychopath. This man seriously needs mental help if this is how he reacts to an accident. He’s in his own world acting like a child. Honestly, I really fear for people in his life. This man’s anger is scary, and he clearly has no control over it.

According to the verbally assaulted driver, the road rage guy purposely forced the accident by slamming on his brakes multiple times, and the accident was pretty minor. The driver of the vehicle with the camera does it right by completely ignoring him. Of course it only makes him more upset that he’s getting no reaction.

Notice at the end of the video the crazy guy puts his hands on the trunk of his car. That’s because the police just showed up to arrest him.

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