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Cammer Crashes after Engaging Road Rager

Here’s a good example of why you should just let people people pass. This dashcam driver makes a mistake by pulling out from a side street in front of another driver. According to the cammer, the other driver was speeding and partially obstructed from his view by a hill. If that’s the case, fine. But why does he then speed up as the “speeding” driver tries to pass? Dude lets his ego take over and starts trying to ride the speeder’s bumper at 85 MPH before getting brake-checked. Instead of hanging back and letting it go at this point, the cammer (who’s driving a minivan, mind you) then decides that he should try passing the road-rager? With the way both of them were all over the road, I’m just surprised they didn’t cause a more-serious accident with someone driving in the opposite direction.

According to the dashcam driver, the driver of the Dodge Caliber was arrested and charged with possession, DUI, endangering the welfare of an individual, and reckless driving.

Location of incident (Brushton, NY) on Google Maps.

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