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Spiderman Meme - Cop PITs Cop
Don’t shoot! Look! I’m a cop too!

So this is a strange one. Here you’ll see dashcam footage of a Florida (of course) Highway Patrol trooper chasing and PIT maneuvering a reckless driver, only to immediately find out that it’s actually another (undercover) cop. Not just any cop, mind you, but the freaking police captain of Opa-locka, FL…

According to the Opa-locka police, the captain was, and I quote (in a sarcastic monotone voice), participating in a multi-agency gang task force operation and that a police helicopter was above helping officers on the road track a suspect vehicle that was involved in a violent crime. Opa-locka Police also made sure to stress that the captain was “not violating any department policies” either…

Of course when the local news followed up by asking about the captain speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and running red lights with no emergency lights on, they conveniently “declined to comment further.”

I mean honestly, why was the police captain driving like that without his lights or sirens on? It sure looks like someone running from the cop who just came up behind him. It’s a KIA for Christ’s sake. I still have so many questions…

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