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Why You Shouldn’t Fall Asleep While Driving

The video starts with both the passenger and DRIVER dead asleep while traveling more than 60 MPH down a rural highway in Iowa (Highway P70, Pilot Mount, IA). The SUV surprisingly seems to be staying pretty straight, until it drifts across the oncoming lane of traffic and all hell breaks loose. That guy is damn lucky he didn’t kill anyone. That could have easily turned into a high-speed head-on crash. Thankfully, we get an interior-facing shot of this idiot since it was filed on a 3-channel (AZDOME M550 4K) dashcam.

Once the blue-tongued female passenger (who, of course, is sleeping on top of her seatbelt) wakes up and realizes what happened, she starts having a full-on panic attack. The guy driving just starts… smiling? How do people even fall asleep while driving? I usually struggle to fall asleep in the comfort of my bed.

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