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  • Apr 22 2021
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Armored Truck Evades Attempted Robbery

On April 22nd, 2021, an armored 70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser (transporting nearly $100,000 in mobile phones through South Africa) was ambushed by armed robbers.

The driver, Leo Prinsloo, had spent over a decade working in the South African Police Service, where he attained the rank of Captain for the elite Special Task Force. His passenger, Lloyd Mtombemi, had just started working for the security company three days prior (so cut him some slack if he looked a bit scared).

Peering through the vehicle’s shattered bulletproof windows, Prinsloo successfully evades the pursuing black Audi. If that wasn’t bad enough, at around 0:25, he comes up upon six more robbers with assault rifles attempting to cut him off. Leo drives straight for them. Crazy video…

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