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Israeli Cop Pulls Gun on Road Rage Driver with Metal Pipe

Start watching at 0:49

The video shows a young driver cutting off the dashcam driver (who happens to be a volunteer police officer) on a highway in Israel before getting out of his car to fight the driver. Luckily for us viewers, it ends with some sweet justice as the kid comes at the driver with an iron pipe. The cop pulls a gun, causing the kid to cower in fear.

Apparently the Israeli cop had previously recorded the young driver committing a couple of traffic violations and later recorded the kid’s face at a red light. The man noticed he was being filmed and followed the plain-clothed officer’s car trying to force him to stop.  After cutting him off, the 20-year-old road-rager ran to the officer in an attempt to take the camera. When that failed, he went back to grab a metal pole that he had in his back seat to use as a weapon. The road rage driver was eventually sentenced to year in jail.

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