A police vehicle with emergency lights activated causes a fatal accident when going through a red light.

Video created 02/12/2008


  • Jcris25 23rd November 2013 , 12:50 pm

    I didn’t hear a siren or see a reflection of flashing lights on any passing vehicle as the officer was driving. I hope he was fired and jailed for the same length of time anyone else would have been.

    • Molsonman78 23rd May 2014 , 2:37 am

      Maybe you should apply to be a coo? Just sayin. Obviously you know more than the cop that did a lot of training and education to get where he is. But, I am sorry. Who am I to talk to a, where do you work? Oh yeah part time at Taco Bell, and nights at Canadian tire. Right… I don’t like cops either, don’t get me wrong, but maybe you should go upstairs in the morning, have a good talk with your mother, take your allowance to buy your cheezies, and think real hard about things you know nothing about. Take care cheese dick.

      • HRobert Foster 27th February 2015 , 8:03 pm

        What the hell is a “coo” a bird call or something?

  • HRobert Foster 27th February 2015 , 8:01 pm

    Cops have right of way no matter what, other driver should have been paying attention of his environment .

    • Dan 17th November 2018 , 2:27 pm

      Are you kidding me? This was completely the officers fault… Putting any blame at all on the car that was in the right is ludicrous. Plain and simple it was the officer’s fault though an accident, it was the fault of the cop. Punishment is it’s going the rest of your life knowing you killed someone based on a wrong decision. The ones to feel sorry for is the family of the victim and the officer as well


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